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commercials. Cinema cut short.

You have 30 seconds. More or less. Not much time to say that you could play a role in the lives of those who are not yet your customers. Now, it is not the expansion of time that counts, but the power of persuasion in every second.

People, spaces, light and shadow, sounds and voices – commercials are a staged work of art and for a few moments everything has to fit. Every picture. Every sound.

rekorder studios sees itself as a facilitator, an amplifier and implementer for everything that is audible in a film idea. Selected voices, brand songs, acoustic logos, soundscapes and sound mixes that are inviting, draw you in and, for a few seconds, create an entire world.

• Efficient production management.
• International campaigns.
• Inspiring, stylish and comfortable working environment for customers, speakers and team.
• Individual voice castings, talent scouting, inspiring online library:
• Lively hi-end recordings with experienced and steadfast sound engineers.
• Passionate musicians, music scoring, composition, audio-CI for brands, sound-a-likes, music library.
• Sound design with state of the art software tools, endless sound archive, experienced foley artists.
• VOiP live recording and directing with Source Connect Pro, Session Link Pro Recording & Web Conferencing worldwide.
• 5.1 cinema mix, up-and downmixes, loudness-leveling according to international broadcast programme meters.


VW Alexa skills

audio commercial

small budget – big impact. With creativity and experience rekorder studios gets your message right. Even in todays digital media landscape the historical medium has conquered an important slot. We know which formats and loudness standards are in demand on spotify & co.