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360°. An immersive audio revolution for you.

360° VR, the studio with a three-dimensional loudspeaker environment – because the future is three-dimensional: in the cinema, in the virtual spaces in which we move, for product presentations, on the net, on screens and in conference rooms. At live events, in the car or in planes. We are not that far yet? We are.
We are on our way. When pictures become spaces, voices and sound design become spatial. rekorder continues to develop the immersive audio revolution: with the 360° VR Studio.

Dive into our 16-speaker hemisphere.

The 360° Immersive Audio Studio offers a scalable speaker setup for TV, cinema and for 360°-movies in Ambisonics format, combined with an HTC Vive Headset.

For the first time this makes it possible to implement 360° audio mixes with loudspeakers.

A perfect atmosphere for an inspiring collaboration as headphones are not needed for Ambisonic mixes.

• Hemispherical setup of digital speakers including the "Voice of God".
• Surround mixes for home, cinema, streaming and stage in 5. 1, 7. 4. 1 and 9. 4. 1
• Third-Order Ambisonics mixing studio with Genelec speaker setup.
• Audio upmixing and downmixing to all spatial and binaural formats.
• HTC Vive connection to the audio workstation.

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BerlinAmbisonics Library

Our B2B webshop for Ambisonics sound elements offers a unique 360 ° sound library with urban atmospheres from Berlin, Vienna, Paris, Frankfurt, Hamburg and many natural environments.

Also available in stereo or 5.1.

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