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broadcasts. A sense of (trans)mission.

Having good ideas and implementing them. That is the art. rekorder studios sees itself as a facilitator, implementer, creative partner. Our offer is aimed at film makers, program designers, podcasters and show hosts. Our goal is to make ideas audible. In the cinema, on the screen and in your ear pods – so they achieve maximum impact and stick in your memory.

Our service portfolio includes sound production, directing, voice casting, speaker selection, project management, speed, a good mood and technically/creatively ambitious results, which we produce in all internationally popular formats.

  • Comfortable working environment for customers, VIPs, speakers and the team.
  • High-end recording studio for voice-over or ensembles.
  • VOiP live recording and directing with Source Connect Pro, Session Link Pro Recording & Web Conferencing worldwide.
  • Podcast production and support during recording, live shoot and mix.
  • Rent a sound engineer with nerves of steel for film or electronic news-gathering.
  • Audio-Post-Production for fiction, non fiction, magazines, shows.
  • Surround sound design and audio restauration, endless sound archive.
  • Experienced foley artists.

  • Field recording collection in 5.1 & ambiX by the ambisonics specialists:
  • Individual voice castings, talent scouting, inspiring online library:
  • Music scoring, composing, audio-CI for brands, sound-s-likes.
  • Passionate musicians with a large musical horizon from classical to trap.
  • Ready-made soundtracks from our web shop
  • 5.1 tv cinema mix, surround setup with up to 16 speaker.
  • Loudness-levelling according to international broadcast programme meters
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