rekorder studios – your full service recording studio in Berlin creates highly professional audio productions for agencies & companies, broadcasting stations & post-productions, regionally and internationally. Right in the center of Kreuzberg. With first class service. Since 2003.


Your professional audio production partner for TV-, web- and radio-spots, dubbing, image- and explainermovies, TV- and film-sound-mixing, documentaries, VR 360° surround sound, music, sound design, professional international voice-over artists, rental studios and more… . Recording studio? rekorder studios! Get in contact with us.




  • 3 control rooms with daylight, 2 recording rooms
  • bar, lounge und bambusgarten
  • dubbing studio including taker & cutting station for rent
  • source connect pro: audiostreaming weltweit
  • surround sound 5.1 up to 13.1
  • 360 degrees ambisonics recording & mixing

equipment specifications and echo time details upon request


rekorder studios
leuschnerdamm 31 | 10999 berlin | germany | +49 30 61201900 |
tv web cinema
among all media products, the commercial stands out in merging lots of consideration and means within a rigorously limited time frame. pictures of such a degree of elaboration deserve an acoustic counterpart. rekorder studios creates state-of-the-art soundscapes for your campaign as well as theme songs and language versions including voice auditions and scouting.
rekorder studios optimizes mixes according to international standards and communicates as confidently and comfortably with worldwide corporations as with creatives from the neighborhood at the kitchen counter.
radio spots
small budget – big impact. with creativity and experience rekorder studios gets your message right. even in todays digital media landscape the historical medium has conquered an important slot. we know which formats are in demand on spotify & co.
advertising, information, app content, brand management. image films are as diverse in their appearance as never before. rekorder studios listens and watches closely and assists its production partners in creating a unique medium.
tv cine
tv cine
Since its founding rekorder studios has supported filmmakers and directors and their emotional and critical themes as well as their complex work. The committed rekorder studios team sees itself as a counterpart and makes every effort to render the interview passage with the key statement in such a way that the bus that happened to drive by at that very moment remains almost inaudible. Alternatively, a replacement voice-over is found quickly.
Just-in-time productions are a matter of course. A challenge the rekorder team takes up gladly. Through flexibility and strength of nerve rekorder studios expands its customers’ room for maneuver in time-critical moments.
TV and live shows require versatile assistance through audio post-production, for which rekorder studios offers all conceivable tools and skills. Including sound restoration, post-dubbing, mixes for international broadcasting standards as well as surround-upmixes for dvd/streaming.
the web library of the speaker city berlin
find, book & record professional voices
The service of rekorder studios covering all aspects of voice artists, including web library, casting, scouting and dubbing.


Celebrity voices from radio, TV, film and cinema, inspiring narrators, savvy native speakers and young emerging talents – the voices collection of speaks for itself.

web library
Voice talent search made easy: clearly organised with intuitive interface, workflow-oriented with integrated request function.


You don’t want to search yourself? we’ll glady take over the complete casting of your project according to your specifications. Contact us by telephone or email and we’ll present you with a suitable selection from our offline and online portfolio.

online direction
You neither need to be in Berlin or have a suitcase here for us to achieve your voice recording. Thanks to online direction we can coordinate your recording worldwide.


Over skype, aptx milano or source connect pro you can be with the recording live in berlin and give direct instructions, wherever you are. We’ll then supply you with the recordings for further editing in your desired format or provide you the final mixed audiofile.

We’re constantly on the lookout for new voice talents. we’ll also glady search for you. we look forward to your briefing by telephone or email.


For dubbing studios we’ll provide voice recordings with adr-takersystem. promptly and reliably at fair prices. try us!




Just listen!


rekorder studios has modern and comfortable work stations for professional dubbing. studios with daylight and a control room with an adjacent garden are part of the service as well as a digital taker system (Nuendo) and high-end acoustics. The cutting station is also located inside the studio. Extraordinary designed recording facilities, aimed to fulfil all the needs and wants for successful ADR Takes, constructed in cooperation with the acoustic-specialists of W.A.X. for relaxed dubbing in series or post-dubbing.


For rent either with or without producer and sound engineer. to extend your capacities. simply give us a call +49 30 612 01 900 oder send an email to


For event spaces or 360° video: with a highly professional and motivated team rekorder studios offers all technical and creative possibilities for modern multichannel audio.


With ambisonics microphones and specialized software rekorder studios produces mixes in multiple formats for unique spatial hearing. Especially for 360° films and vr.
The surround studio is equipped with a 13.1 mix of Focal speakers and high-end Ferrofish converters. With ambisonics microphones and specialized software rekorder studios up-mixes and down-mixes in a variety of formats for unique spatial hearing. Especially for 360° films.


Member of
Virtual Reality e.V. Berlin Brandenburg
rekorder music
Whether handmade or premade production music: at rekorder studios you are in good hands. Produced exclusively for you with high-class studio musicians for highest standards. Ready-made cuts for budget productions. rekorder music stands for a modular system with which a satisfying musical solution for your needs will be found immediately.

rekorder studios


leuschnerdamm 31
10999 berlin


t: +49 (0)30 61201900


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ceo | head of studio: mag. (fh) christine helmer, andreas loof
headquarters: leuschnerdamm 31, 10999 berlin
commercial register: amtsgericht charlottenburg hrb 158432b
vat: de295199265
position: n: 52.503892, e: 134. 17168 google maps
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